Resolutions Jefferson codorus joint sewer authority

For copies of these documents please contact Janny Graham at the JCJSA Office, 717-744-5234.

2003-01 Request for Public Records
2004-01 Loan Agreement with Community Banks.
2006-01 PENNVEST Funding
2006-02 Easements for the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sewer Line collection System·
2007-01 Condemnation of Easements
2007-02 Ratifying and Affirming all Actions adopted in 2007
2008-?? Loan Agreement between the Authority and Susquehanna Banks
2008-01 Honoring Michael T. Endler
2008-03 Honoring Thomas Yingling
2009-01 Application for H2O PA Grant
2009-02 Payment for Easements
2009-03 Implementing Environmental Mitigation Measures
2009-04 Application for H2O PA Grant (supersedes Res. 2009-01)
2009-05 Loan Agreement with People’s Bank
2009-06 Agreement with Codorus Ventures, LLP to Construct a WWTP
2009-07 Reserve Capacity with CFR Partners, LP and CFR Development, Inc.
2009-08 Application for Loan from RUS
2009-09 Plumbers’ License Requirements
2010-01 Agreement with Robert Rebert
2010-02 Meeting Decorum
2010-03 Electronic Mail Retention
2010-04 Reserve Capacity Fee Agreements
2010-05 Agreement with Thomas and Sharon Baum
2010-06 York Water Company Master Services (Billing) Agreement

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